Altough the BluePump is very reliable, we do not recommend to install one BluePump in the middle of nowhere and come back after 10 years. The pump will probably still work, but with  time some part may come loose and need to be tightened for better function.

We advise to make "zones" with BluePumps, that are installed by trained Area Mechanicas who can give additional support in case a "Murphy" problems comes along. They have parts in stock and when needed can count on suppport from our local agents.

The BlueZone O&M concept
A BlueZone is an area with a lot of BluePumps, preferably 30 or more. The recommended O&M concept for the BluePump in a BlueZone follows a simple A-B-C approach:
A. the "Agent"; provides overall support with pumps and spares in stock,
B. the "Back-Up"; local support from the trained Area Mechanics,
C. the "Caretaker"; for daily supervision and allerting the Area Mechanic.

The supervison of pumping and cleaning of the apron is done by a community caretaker, he/she may recieve (depending on the community) a small salary to supervise the water fetching. In case of a problem, the caretacker allerts the Area Mecahnic and collects a small contribution from each family to pay for the expenses of the Area Mechanic. 

Because the BluePump will never need a lot of spares, the cost to maintain the BluePump is mainly the transport cost of the Area Mechanic. It is estimated that over a period of 10 years, the average maintenance cost of the BluePump is less than US$ 50, - per year.

No community water bank-account problems
In the old VLOM approach, communities were encouraged to regular contribute to put money on a bank account that could be used in case of expensive repairs. However, this often created problems in the community... Most of the time, the money was used already for other purposes when needed for a big repair. With the reliable low-cost BluePump, this accountability problem is avoided, there are no hidden costs.

Sustainable water for the lowest price
Because of the simplicity and reliability of the BluePump, breakdowns are rare and can easily be resolved without using expensive spares. Therefore the BluePump repairs can be done for a low and fixed yearly contract with a Area Mechanic as well. The BluePump ABC concept therefore makes the BluePump the cheapest handpump for community water supply.