Technical Data

The BluePump is rock-solid, simple & straight forward, all components are made from quality materials; therefore the BluePump is reliable, cheap & easy to maintain. The piston has NO rubber seal and there are no other fast moving spare parts.

The BluePump is therefore the most easy to maintain & reliable solution for rural water supply in the world.

The BluePump is mounted on a solid concrete pedestal with 6 anchor bolts. In case of deep installations, the rods can be equiped with floaters (Nr. 69) and the handle can have an additional counterweight (Nr. 49) to make pumping lighter. To avoid stress on the PVC pipes, the BluePump rising main pipes can be extended with a free moving (Nr. 52) bottom support system (BPS). In addition, rod stabilizers (Nr. 27) can be added to the rods for better pumping and to better deal with sand and silt in the borehole.

Installation is easy and can be done without specific tools by 2 persons. First the PVC pipes (Nr. 5) are installed with a rope (Nr. 26) attached on the bottom pipe) and after that the cylinder (Nr. 12) is lowered inside the PVC pipes with the rods (Nr. 22).

The position of the cylinder must be at least 10m to 15m below the static water level, depending on the expected fluctuations of the water level. For inspection, the cylinder can always easily be taken out while the PVC pipes stay in the borehole.

Technical data
- Rising mains: Ø 70/80 x 2000 mm, BOODE PVC
- Glued PVC sockets Ø 80/95 x 180 mm (Nr. 4)
- Rods: Ø 12mm INOX 304 A2 x 2000 mm, fully threaded, M12 locknuts
- Rod Centralizers: Ø 68x15mm, HDPE high resistance, double use, floating. (Nr. 25)
- Bearings: Heavy duty, sealed, self adjusting, maintenance free (Nr. 36 & 46)
- Cylinder: Ø 53 / 57 x 1000 mm A2, BPS with double foot valve system
- Piston: Ø 53 x 380 mm (maintenance free). Max stroke = 200mm. (Nr. 17)

Water depth    Discharge (liter / minute)
    20m.              25  
    40m.              20   
    60m.              17
    80m.              15